issue based argumentation in a wiki (ibaw)

issue based information management uses the following keywords:
* issue - a problem in the world, which a group of people or a
person on its own tries to solve
* idea - a possible solution to a problem
* pro - a pro-argument for an idea, possibly raising one or several
new issues
* con - a contra-argument for an idea, possibly raising one or several
new issues
* see - a reference to evidence for an argument (website, person,
paper, or the name of another issue...). Instead of 'see' you can also use Wiki-links or weblinks.

=== note ===
this documentation is a guideline to understand IBAW documents. It's not strict and may always evolve

=== syntax in a wiki ===

ibaw works well in a wiki, with support for indented lists. if
inndented lists are supported, but with a different syntax, the wiki
syntax for indented lists should be used.

the basic syntax for an ibaw is (listitem) (keyword) ':' text

=== the grammar of ibaw ===
ibaw  --> issue*
issue --> (name?, text, idea*)
idea  --> (text,(pro|con)*,decision?)
pro   --> (text, see* (issue|idea)*)
con   --> (text, see* (issue|idea)*)
see   --> (text)
decision --> ('ACCEPT' | 'REJECT')
name  --> [a-zA-Z0-9]*
text  --> any text string is permitted here

pro and con can be considered subclasses of issue.

=== syntax example ===

issue: our coffee machine is broken
* idea: fix it
 * pro: cheap
 * con: takes too much time, we can't live so long without coffee
* idea: buy a new one
 * pro: fast
 * con: expensive
  * issue: we need approval form our director
   * idea: we collect money ourselves